Thunderbolts and Lightning, VERY VERY FRIGHTENING

How to calm your dog during thunder and fireworks.

I don’t know about you, but loud noises are just unnecessary. Fireworks? No. Thunder? No. Anything that sounds like either of the two? Oh, hell no. My stress and anxiety go through the roof, but lucky for me, my mommy always knows nows how to calm me down when those loud loud noises occur. She wanted me to share those tips with you!

My Thunder Fort
  • Create a safe space. For me, my safe space is my mom’s (tiny) shower. There’s no scaries in there. Any small room, closet or crate will work. She likes to put my blankie down so I feel extra cozy and comforted. If you don’t have a space like this, you can always build a fort! I love my blanket fort pictured above. 
  • Music! My mom puts a speaker in the bathroom which plays some of my favorite soothing songs. Jazz and classical music calms dogs down the most. Here are my favorite Spotify playlists: 
  • My mom always stays calm, which I don’t get but it helps. When I see my mommy all calm, cool and collective during a storm, I’m reassured that nothing TOO bad is going to happen. 
  • Every dog is different, so it may take a few trials to see what works for you. A few things that have helped out my friends:
    • Thunder Jacket: these are chic and cute. The snug fit creates pressure around the dog’s body which mimics a hug. Think of swaddling a baby, but for dogs.
    • Calming treats (mmm treats): There are plenty out there that are made of ingredients like herbs, hemp and CBD. ALWAYS read the labels and do your research for proper dosage. 

Stay calm, folks!

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